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I organise and run many workshops for all abilities, mostly in Cheshire and the North West.
Please check the website regularly for updates and future workshops.
If you would like me to forward information on new events please send me your name and email address.

First quarter 2024 WORKSHOPS

These will be held at:

10am - 4 pm

DRAW / PAINT / CUT & Abstraction

This workshop investigates a creative pathway that will enable you to collect visual information from a series of artistic processes. This will help to demonstrate the importance of ideas generation and in the broadest sense , the journey towards a conclusion.
The day will be experimental, the outcomes diverse / 2D, 3D,
Observational drawing and mark making will provide the initial starting point, followed by an analytical process of selection, editing, rescaling, layering and so on.
Using a range of media ( wet & dry ) colour mixing , collage construction etc, you will have the opportunity to be as experimental or as playful as you wish.
This workshop is suitable for people of any artistic ability but particularly useful for someone interested in the methodology of Abstraction.
Help and advice available throughout the day.

Artist research, Terry Frost, Sandra Blow, Oscar Murillo, John Hoyland, Vasily Kandinsky , Helen Frankenthaler.

Cost £65, includes materials and all day tea , coffee & biscuits

10 am - 4 pm


The first part of this workshop will be to visually respond to the scale , ratio and dynamic of the human figure by working on a life sized drawing. This information will then inform subsequent imagery by responding to a series of contrasting poses ; angular, relaxed , soft, stretching and so on.
During the day you will be encouraged to seek out analytical processes alongside an experimental use of media and prepared surfaces. The scale and pace of the drawings will change throughout the day.
This workshop is suitable for beginners in life drawing or for someone who wishes to change direction or challenge their practice. Or even for someone who would like a lovely day of drawing!
Tutoring and advice available all day

Artist research, Hughie o ‘Donaghue, Rodin , Emily Ball, Derek Overfield, Gregor Kalus

Cost, £65, includes materials, tuition, models fee, refreshments

Saturday April 6th

10 am - 4pm

Using everyday, household objects, this workshop will give you the opportunity to visually respond to the familiar, initially by drawing and in the second part of the session, by using paint.
A series of exploratory observational drawings on paper, will encourage you to seek out the form and relationship of the objects and the materials they are made from. Scale and pace will vary .
During the painting session later in the day, you will be encouraged to experiment and challenge the process of colour mixing ( using acrylic paint ) in order to produce a limited palette of subtle tones.
Acknowledging the dynamics, balance of colour and composition, will be an essential part of the workshop. You may wish to work on canvas when painting.
This workshop would be suitable for someone with any level of experience.

Artist research, John Boker, Ivon Hitchens, Morandi, Winifred Nicholson, Patrick Heron
Cost £65
Includes materials, tuition & refreshments

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drawing as structure workshop

Jane Cockayne, artist and drawing tutor.
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